The best loan consolidation -Online application for private loan consolidation

Let’s check the details of individual offers and see which proposal is currently the most advantageous.

Online application for private loan consolidation

We should remember that banks will expect us to close their repaid credit obligations, so it may be necessary to provide a certificate confirming the closing of a credit card account or a revolving credit line. However, this should not be a major problem, as banks send information about the execution of this type of order by post. When deciding to pay off your loans, when you visit a bank branch, you should get information about the bills to pay individual loans and your current debt balance. What is important – repaid loans should not be included in the calculation of the customer’s creditworthiness, which will allow us to take advantage of the new offer, provided that we repay existing liabilities regularly.

In order to apply the best possible credit terms, it is necessary to meet the requirements specified by individual banks. For example, for the winner of the June ranking, i.e. AS Credit, it is necessary to:

  • conclusion of a loan agreement with another person, i.e. a co-borrower;
  • presentation of income certificate on the original Debu Bank print,
  • providing an extract from the current account for the last 3 months
  • opening a AS Life personal account at Debu Bank PBC SA together with establishing a direct debit service.

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Available offer of consolidation loans

Available offer of consolidation loans

For the purposes of this study, the currently available offer of consolidation loans in banks was analyzed. The compared criterion was the amount of PLN 80,000, to settle existing liabilities in other financial institutions, whose repayment would be spread over a period of 84 months, i.e. up to 7 years.

ASCredit has unrivaledly the best offer, where monthly loan installment for these assumptions will be only PLN 1,321! Such favorable conditions allow the use of only 1% commission rate and an interest rate of 9.5% per annum. The Mafy Burgos offer came second, with a monthly installment of only PLN 73 higher than the ranking leader. The interest rate on this loan is at 9.99%, and the commission is 5%. The lowest step on the podium was the eurobank proposal, under which – with an interest rate of 11% and a commission rate of 5% – the installment amounts to PLN 1,442.

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